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Below is our learn.avolites user argreement. You are required to agree to the below before continuing

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This platform has been developed to help people learn how to easily use Avolites products. As such you must agree to a few simple rules before continuing. 


  1. Respect others on the platform - Anyone found not to be respecting other users will be removed immediately from the platform without warning. This means no swearing or abuse. Simple.
  2. Report any issues - This platform has been built for users by hands not by robots. If you have found an issue with the site report it to
  3. Keep your user information private- Avolites staff will only ever ask you for your email if there is an issue with your log in. Do not share your password with anyone. Sharing login information will cause issues with accessing the site in future.

Collecting information

We collect information on users time and progress throughout the courses on this site. This will only be used to help develop the platform further and to assist educational facilities. This information is stored on a secure server in accordance with GDPR regulations. It will not be shared with any 3rd parties or companies.

This site may store basic cookies on your computer to aid in efficiently loading the site and saving course progress. These can be deleted at your discretion.

Under the freedom of information act, you are entitled to request a copy of all the data that is saved about you on the platform. To request this you can apply in your user profile but may take up to two weeks to process.